The Tag line “I Play U Dance” is a Catch Phrase Merv Jay wears with pride when taking party goers on a musical journey. His love & passion for music can be felt with every word, scratch and blend he creates for his audience.

He began his Djing Career at Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn, NY. Majoring in Radio production, he would create his own radio show that featured his Live mixes and commentary. After gaining a buzz on campus, his radio show became his business card.

After graduating, he took his talents to New York City with a vision of expanding his brand and showcasing his skills to diverse audiences.  His ability to fuse genres & keep the party going continues to catch the ears of the nightlife scene.

Merv Jay is lock and step with his goals for music, and how he wants his audience to receive it. New Production, original remixes and talent showcases are just a few things on deck for 2016.

Le Souk
Rhum Lounge Negril Village
Sounds Of Brazil (SOB’s)
Katra Lounge
Madame X

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