Good Times Dance Party @ Negril Village recap.

We had only a week & half to promote this event. We would have loved to do it again @ Spring Natural, but due to circumstances beyond our control we couldn’t. We knew we were doing the party its was just matter of venue.

Luckily we found one. Negril Village (Our home club). They gave us the green light & the rest was history.

As with any party in the winter time, the concern is always weather. Nobody wants to have to travel in bad conditions. When i posted the party on FB. The forecast said snow & people started to panic. I was getting a lot of hesitation from folks, which was understandable.

Luckily the night of, the snow came & went. Whatever remained was washed away by the rain. Now it was time to get on with the GTDP.


It took some time for people to come out. Slowly but surely they did. The funny thing was people were still buying tickets as the event was going on. ┬áBy 12:30 we were at the peak. The drinks were flowing, the people were dancing. Everybody was having a damn good time. I couldn’t ask for more. I can’t wait til next month.

Stay Tuned……….. #GTDP