Did Popcaan fail Dancehall Music? [Blog]

 After watching this feud take place. I have to say I agree with Mr Vegas in terms of the big picture of Dancehall music & protecting the genre.


Now i’ll be the first to change my
stance if Drake & Popcaan do an album together or Drake actually features a Dancehall artist on a song, but until then i’m not sold on neither of their logic behind  “Controlla”.

Mr Vegas
Mr Vegas was FEATURED on Beyonce 2013 remix of “Standing On The Sun”

Some may say Mr Vegas is trying to steal the spotlight, but as a veteran in Dancehall music &  being in the same situation a few years back . I think it was important for him to bring attention to this ongoing issue with Dancehall artist . Especially when we are in time in music where your top billboard chart songs have Dancehall influence written all over them.

Why aren’t Dancehall artist demanding more for their music?

Here are the credits of Dancehall Artist on Drakes new album

  1. Aquaman– Songwriting credit on “Controlla”
  2. Beenie Man– Songwriting credit on “Controlla”
  3. Stephen Mcgregor – Songwritng & Production credit on “Controlla”.
  4. Mavado– Songwriting credit on “9”
  5. Serani– Songwriting credit on “9”
  6. Popcaan– Songwriting & Vocal credit on “Too Good”

Its a good look for dancehall music that there were this many contributions on a big project like this. Fat paychecks i’m sure were   handed out, but wouldn’t a feature have done more for anyone of these artist careers? 

Wizkid & Kyla were featured on Drake’s lead single “One Dance” while Beenie man nor Popcaan weren’t featured on Controlla. Is there something wrong with that?

I could only imaging the wonders that Wizkid & Kyla being featured on One Dance is doing for their careers right now. They barely even said anything on the track. Featuring on a song with Drake gives them even more reach and exposure to different audiences world wide.  

The questions I continue to ask myself are. Do american artist feel like  Dancehall artist are not worthy of being featured on their projects or do Dancehall artist need to do a better job of negotiating deals to accommodate that? 


Popcaan I feel missed out on an opportunity to send his career into a different place by being a guest appearance versus vocal & writing credits. Again, I don’t know the particulars on the future of his collaborations with Drake, but at this moment in time, to me it looks bad, because he had an opportunity to put himself and Dancehall in a different light. 

What do you think?