Call Me The Wedding DJ


I was exhausted from the previous night festivities. Thank god daylight saving gave me the extra hour. It didn’t energize me fully, but it gave me enough juice for the wedding.

This was big for many reasons,  but the one in particular was that it was my first time Djing a wedding. I did have the playlist setup,  I quickly realized Djing weddings is totally different from DJing a party. I had to make the adjustment.

I had to load up the car and make the trip from Brooklyn to Woodbury Long Island @ the Crest Country Hollow Club. (A very nice spot) Got there, spoke with the staff. I set up in the reception area with 15 minutes to sphere, well atleast i thought.

What’s a story with out suspense?…..

With 10 minutes to go before the ceremony, A staff member came to me and said . We will start letting people come upstairs, you can start playing the entrance music. As i went to play it, I realized that i didn’t pack my USB cord. The anger that took over me, if i could slap myself i would. How foolish of me?  How the hell could I forget  the most important part of the equipment? SMDH

After running back and forth retracing my steps & even attempting to make fast dash to radio shack, my assistant called me and said they found one . I made the U turn and headed right back to the Country Club saying hallelujah.

The ceremony went well. It took about 30-35 minute. After that it was onto the reception area.  I had to pack up make a fast dash to the level below.  I set up and was ready to perform (and get some grub too. I was hungry as heck)  I announced the names, the family members did a toast & the Minister gave a short  blessing. Then the party began.


Weddings are unique when it comes to music selection, because there will always be several generations from kids to grands. A majority of the songs the bride & groom wanted me to play were old school  to 2000-05, which i did, but for every old school song a kid would come up and request “Juju On The Beat” lol. I played it, along with a few ratched songs (clean versions of course) then it was back to the bread butter songs for weddings. The Wobble, Cha Cha & Electric Slide, Follow Me ETC.

Overall it was a good time, had a couple of hiccups on the way, however everything ended up working itself out.  I look forward to doing  more weddings & making another Bride & Groom happy!