Oh what a night! Good Times Dance Party Recap.

I was looking out the window at that damn snow SMDH

Today it takes more than music to separate yourself from the pack.  It’s important as DJ’s to build your following. Ere Body can play music, but Ere body can’t build a scene. That’s what i set out to do alongside my brotha with our first Good Times Dance Party.

The sleepless nights the endless promotions, the persistent texting (sorry if i annoyed you lol) the optimism, the concerns, fell to the waste side once the party started.

I got to the venue around 9:15. I was running a bit late ( courtesy of the traffic & rain) however things worked out because I immediately found parking, not only that it was in front the venue (dream come true). From that point I felt in my soul the night would run smooth.

We did the necessary setup (Sound System, Step & Repeat wall, coat check etc) Then it was time to get the party in motion.  People started to file in.

What’s A Story WithOut Suspense…..

As the night progressed I noticed it started to rain harder and harder then it turned to snow. (Excuse My French) WTF.  Don’t remember the forecast saying anything about snow. However, it was coming down & I knew that would stop people from coming. Can’t blame them.

The Show Must Go On…..

It was great to see familiar faces, especially the ones that rock with you no matter what. There could have been a tidal wave coming and they’d still show love. A lot of folks came out to that I met recently. That was a beautiful thing.

The peak reached at about 1:30 the music was going, the drink were flowing & the vibe was great.  The ratio was of course more women to men. Don’t know bout U, but too me not a bad situation to have. I definitely wouldn’t have it no other way. I’ve been to parties where it was too many men and the poor women who were their were like red meat in a lion’s cage about to get eaten.  At our parties the men are the red meat ( get it lol).


Overall though, The party was a success. What we visioned came to fruition. The manager was pleased, the patrons had fun, and my staff had a blast. I couldn’t asked for more.

Stay Tuned For The GTDP 2 Next Month!