Craziness:Firm Creates Male Masturbation For Overworked Men In NYC

Guy Fi
Does it get sicker than this???

Located in Manhattan on 28th Street and 5th Avenue, the booth is meant to be a place where stressed out, male, nine-to-fivers can, er, you know, relax.

The company, which also claims to be reducing the stigma of male sex toys, says “a little break” can make a big difference to wellbeing and productivity.

You’ve gotta hand it to them, full marks for self-gratifying promotion. Continue reading Craziness:Firm Creates Male Masturbation For Overworked Men In NYC

Something we all should take from Nelson Mandela’s Life


Nelson Mandela


Whats is your life worth if you leave behind no legacy?

I asked myself that question, an honestly often struggle with it. WHAT the heck will I leave behind for future generations to build on. After learning of Mandela’s death and the impact it had on the world, i think  I have an idea of what it takes.


Dedicating 48 years of his life to human rights, Mandela made the SACRIFICE.

To leave a legacy it takes personal SACRIFICE. What will yours be? Will it be giving up your seat on a bus, helping a mother carry her stroller up stairs or labor striking for better pay?  Weather big or small, as long as the sacrifice is from the heart, and an attempt to improve yourself and others . It will enhance society and improve the quality of humanity.