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Wakanda Carnival 2019

The Wakanda talk, has been at fever pitch as people are really making plans to move there. Not I, however being of caribbean descent and having a crazy imagination. Just seeing all the carnivals that take place in the caribbean. Imagine Carnival in Wakanda?

The buzz, The Hype, The anticipation. The best Promoters Dj’s & fete chasers coming together … All hosted by Black Panther.

People booking flights all now lol

Critics: Soca Monarch Semis Disappointing

Several much-anticipated acts fell flat vocally during a series of uninspired displays that left fans disappointed and social media abuzz with scathing criticism.

Dancehall soca sensation Pternsky (Ronny Boyce), with his immensely popular “Non Stop”, and Patrice Roberts, “Money Done”, were perhaps the worst of the lot.

Pternsky was way off the key played by the backing A Team band, while the usually on-point Roberts hit some notes to make a politician cringe.
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