Why Women Are Attracted To Bad Boys

In theory this does make a lot sense. Is this true ladies? If so i’m thugged out as of TODAY!

Women really are drawn to men with the dark, brooding looks that suggest they are mad, bad or dangerous to know, according to a new study.DailyMail

It’s thought this is because of a primitive desire to find a mate who appears mentally strong and confident to make a good father, with women drawn to narcissistic features having larger broods.

Men have facial features that display the ‘dark triad’ of personality traits – Machiavellianism, narcissism and psychopathy, according to the study published in for the journal Evolution and Human Behaviour.

These include large skulls, solid and defined jaws, angular noses and deep-set eyes.  


Experts from the University of Liverpool as well as institutions in Poland and Finland, showed 2,370 adult female participants a selection of computer simulated men’s faces in sets of two – with one face with more or less of the Dark Triad features than the other.


The women were asked which of the two they were most attracted to.

Some were attracted to men with strong features associated with psychopathic, Machiavellian or narcisitic traits, while others were not.

Appearances associated with psychopathic tendencies were looking ‘aggressive’ and ‘less happy’ while those associated with Machiavellianism looked ‘dishonest’.

‘Masculine’ and ‘dominant’ traits were linked to narcissists.

The researchers wrote in the study: ‘We examined whether preferences for the dark triad personality traits in men’s faces were related to reproductive success in contemporary women.’

They found that women with preference for high narcissistic men’s faces gave birth to more offspring, while women drawn to men with Machiavellian facial features had fewer children.